The following lawn care information is tailored for cool season lawns, specifically in the Inter mountain region. Click any of the links below to learn more.

Benefits of lawn in our landscapes

Lawn types in the Intermountain region

Soil Types

Soil Preparation

Turfgrass Chioces

Turfgrass Installation

Turfgrass Maintenance

Watering Guidelines

Water Conservation

Weed, Pest and Disease Control

Bluegrass lawns are a fantastic addition to the arid landscapes of the Intermoutain West. The benefits of having a plot of turfgrass in your yard are bountiful. Wise watering practices combined with smart lawncare management are the keys to a beautiful, healthy lawn. We hope this care guide can be a resource for you as you Learn their Lawn. Plants do not waste water, but people do. We can each take personal responsibility to improve our habits and mindset. Often, the Green Industry becomes a scapegoat for irresponsible water planning and administration. However, environmental protection has always been one of the main planks in our mission statement at Chanshare Farms. We are passionate preserving agricultural American while forging ahead into new farming frontiers. Our daily work with the land engenders in us an abiding love and respect for the natural resources in our region. We hope that we can share a piece of this devotion with you!