Lawn Types in the Intermountain West

Curb appeal, play areas, and weed control are a few of the motivators for installing a lawn. However, not every lawn can serve every purpose. If you look closely, you will observe various lawn types in the world around you. Each of these types is the result of distinct seed blends and particular cultivation.

Luxury Lawns: Luxury lawns are intended to be admired, but not walked on. In general, they are tightly mowed and require exact watering and mowing practices. Such lawns are rare, reserved mostly for viewing pleasure in private and public gardens.

Sports Fields: Sports Fields include golf courses, sports turf, and public park lawns. Custom turfgrass blends, exact seedbed preparation, and scientific maintenance practices are required for the upkeep of sports fields. These lawns can withstand a lot of traffic and are the backdrop of endless community enjoyment and entertainment.

Utility Lawns: Utility lawnsare the most common choice for homes and businesses in the Intermountain West. These lawns can be both hardy and lush. They can be walked on, played on, and used to facilitate parties and public events. Utility lawns are simple enough for homeowners, with the right information, to maintain.

As with all landscapes, great lawns require excellent plant material and an investment of time and effort. Turfgrass quality can deplete over time, especially when lawn care is lacking. New and improved cultivars are constantly being introduced, making it environmentally favorable to upgrade older lawns. This care guide will offer you the information you need to properly care for your lawn, increasing its longevity and boosting its appearance.