Utah Sod Farm


The Color of Quality

By using ten of the highest-rated grass seeds from the National Seed Trials (www.ntep.org) according to NTEP, our special-blend seed mixes provide the finest quality in sod in the Intermountain Region. With our own certified herbicide/pesticide specialist on-staff, we can grow the best sod while being friendly to Utah’s environment.

Unmatched in beauty and quality, Chanshare Sod is a step above other sod. Our sod gives lasting elegance and grace befitting fine homes, sports fields, and even golf courses all over Utah and surrounding areas. Installing Chanshare Sod grants you the privilege of perfection. Our superior sod is available in slabs at most Home Depots® and Lowe’s® along the Wasatch Front and can also be picked up direct from the farm. For orders over 2000 square feet, delivery right to your door is available!