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Watch this video for October Lawn Care Tips.

October Lawn Care Tips

  • Water about 1″ every 14 Days
  • Apply fertilizer late in the month. Look for 16-16-16 for the NPK values
  • Winterize your Sprinkler System
  • Mow your lawn short before the snow flies.


Randy talks about Watergrass and other foreign grasses in this video.

Our Roots

For over 33 years Chanshare Farms has been growing, delivering, and installing the finest sod in Utah and the Intermountain Region. Chanshare offers 4 blends of Kentucky Bluegrass that are all Water-Wise™ and cultivated especially for the Intermountain Region. Chanshare’s sod is drought tolerant, disease resistant turf that is perfectly suited for Utah’s weather.

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Chanshare’s Turf Overview – Side by side comparison of all our turf

Chanshare’s Desert Green – Cultivated to be low input.  Requires less than 17″ water.

Chanshare Native Seed – Blended to be zero input with a Native Grass look and feel.

Chanshare’s Imperial Blue – Perfect for residential or medium traffic areas.

Chanshare’s Royal Blue I & II – Higher plant density and sandy growing medium for sports play.

Chanshare’s Prestige Pro Golf – Completely customized seed blends and cultivation for Golf Courses.